Comextrans was established in 1993. We’re proof that a business can succeed almost from scratch with hard work and a responsible approach to its clients. We started our business in international truck transport with one Czechoslovak vehicle and two partners – and the only employees – brothers Rudolf and Jozef Holba. In 1994, we obtained two more LIAZ vehicles and the company expanded by hiring two new employees. The opening of the truck transport market within the European Union resulted in major development for the company – over the past 12 years, the company has grown significantly and now operates up to 85 truck trains and employs 170 people.

By 1995, Comextrans had purchased a used M.A.N. vehicle, and three years later added another truck to their fleet. At that time, a third partner entered the company – Robert Holba. In 2000, Comextrans already owned three M.A.N. vehicles. In May 2004, at the time of Slovakia´s accession to the European Union, the company owned seven licences for international truck transport. Since 2011, we have also been using VOLVO and SCANIA vehicles in addition to M.A.N. trucks for our services.

With regard to the current environmental situation, we focus on environmental-friendly policies, and between 2013 and 2016 we fully renewed our fleet. We currently operate vehicles of the EURO 5, EURO 5 EEV, and EURO 6 emission classes. However, beginning in 2017 the company will only use EURO 6 class vehicles, which are currently the most environmentally-friendly options on the market for international truck transport.


Comextrans provides transport and repair services of such high standard, so that our customers will always come back to us.


Our main goal is to develop the company in most dynamic and sustainable way. We want to enlarge our fleet by the eco-friendly and technologically advanced vehicles. While following our targets we want to offer our team members the most appealing job and bring the overall benefit to the society.



Comextrans was established in 1993 as a public company, and one year later changed its legal form to a limited liability company. We have been operating with profits from the company´s establishment, and we have increased equity from EUR 3,333 to more than EUR 1,000,000. The accounting value of the company’s assets is more than EUR 7,800,000.

Even in difficult years, including the recent economic crisis (2009-2010), the company did not terminate any leasing contract; on the contrary, it extended its capacities. We fulfil our financial obligations on a timely basis and record no obligations after any due date, which is proof of the responsible and serious approach that has always been at the forefront of our work. The company has well-established relationships with government institutions, banks, insurance companies, and also its employees. The business we do is covered by sufficient financial capital; we work with a sufficient financial reserve, securing the company’s stability.


Comextrans supports sport and cultural events, as well as individuals or groups in need.